martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

"24"... Thank you, thank you so much.

Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, thank you for being the parents, creators and creative brains behind the biggest, most revolutionary and most addictive TV show I’ve had the chance to see in my life.

It’s amazing how an idea that can sound simple in the beginning can transform itself to a high-quality product, worthy of a legion of loyal viewers, remarkable critics and countless praises and awards from the world TV industry.

Thank you for giving birth to such a rich and extensive universe that was ‘24’, for creating such good stories, loveable characters and a one-of-a-kind mythology in its genre, showing why the series was the best exponent of the balance between drama and action, thriller and suspense, anxiety and pleasure.

Thanks very much.

Kiefer Sutherland, thank you for portraying and giving life to the one of the biggest characters television has seen in its history, the biggest modern hero ever seen, not only on the small screen but on the entertainment industry on recent years. The most powerful cultural icon of the post 9/11 world that showed like no one else the times he had to live in, none other than the one and only Jack Bauer.

Thank you for years of a brilliant and majestic acting like in few occasions we’ve had the chance to see. A real, sincere, honest, emotive, and most of all credible performance that was supported not only by countless fans around the globe, but by your own colleagues that let you know that when fairly awarding you two SAG awards, and the critic that rewarded you with a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

It’ll be hard, in fact almost impossible, that we don’t remember you for all eternity as the brave Jack Bauer, but I know that, with your talent, your career will continue to grow and develop because you’re an extremely talented actor that deserves nothing but the best.

Thank you, thanks so much.

Carlos Bernard, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Dennis Haysbert, Gregory Itzin, Cherry Jones, Annie Wersching, Reiko Aylesworth, Sarah Clarke, Leslie Hope, James Morrison, Jean Smart, Penny Johnson, Xander Berkeley, Elisha Cuthbert, Jayne Atkinson, Jude Ciccolella, Kim Raver, Glenn Morshower, Louis Lombardi, Paul Schulze, Peter MacNicol, Bob Gunton, Sprague Grayden, Anil Kapoor, Freddie Prinze Jr., William Devane, Jeffrey Nordling, Powers Booth, Colm Feore, Shoreh Aghdashloo, Karina Arroyave, Sean Astin, Zeljko Ivanek, Jon Voight, James Cromwell, Paul McCrane, Joaquim de Almeida, Rick Schroeder, Mia Kirshner, Dennis Hopper, Peter Weller, James Badge Dale, Mykelti Williamson, Sarah Wynter, Carlo Rota, Eric Balfour, D.B. Woodside, Janeane Garofalo, John Boyd, Marisol Nichols, Paul Blackthorne, Alan Dale, Arnold Vosloo, Nestor Serrano, Adoni Maropis, Julian Sands, Tobin Bell, Katee Sackhoff, Roger R. Cross and a long etcetera, thank you for showing on screen an incredible gallery of characters that nurtured the ‘24’ universe with an amazing talent and acting capacity that gave even more strength to the show, delivering performances that, in many cases, were matching Kiefer Sutherland himself.

Thank you for the varied universe of heroes and villains, allies and traitors, agents, politicians and civilians, men and women. All in all, non one-dimensional or flat human beings, but with personality, beliefs, values and sensibility that helped to believe and to fantasize that the ‘24’ world was real.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Jon Cassar, Brad Turner, Stephen Hopkins, Bryan Spicer, Milan Cheylov, among other directors: Thanks for being in charge of orchestrating and ordering every episode of our show, from the most minimal details to big frames, sequences and use of the camera with an exceptional professionalism and creative capacity.

Thank you for being in charge of showing the actors and actresses of the show, encouraging the capacities of each of them and their personal talents that, without you, probably wouldn’t have made themselves known as brilliantly as they did.

Special recognition to Mr. Jon Cassar, the veteran among the directors and the most renowned and representative of ‘24’ that saw his labor rewarded with the prestigious Emmy award in his category for his great work in the fifth season.

Thank you, thanks very much.

Howard Gordon, Michael Loceff, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, David Fury, Brannon Braga and the show’s creators, among many scriptwriters: Thanks for being the creative minds behind awesome plots and stories, that in many occasions left us with an open mouth and jaw because of twists and turns that not even the most imaginative fan could suppose or see it coming.

Thanks for such great scripts that always made clear that ‘24’ was not only an action show, as its detractors and people without arguments could point out in the moment, but that the shootouts, crashes or explosions were simply an accessory to tremendous scripts, with smart dialogues and deep characters that gave life to a drama; a real and unique TV drama.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Paul Gadd, Brian Grazer, Sean Callery, Rodney Charters, David Latham, Scott Powell, Debi Manwiller, Peggy Kennedy, Joseph A. Hodges, Carlos Barbosa, James Lapidus and an endless list of people in the cinematography, production design, art direction, decoration, make-up, second direction unit, art, sound, special effects, visual effects, stunt doubles, camera and lightening, casting, wardrobe, edition, music and transportation departments:

Thank you because, even though you’re on the front line of public knowledge, without you ‘24’ would have never existed. What would be of the tension and drama moments without the right score? What would be of those spectacular fighting scenes without professional doubles? What would be of a good episode without an incomparable editing? What would be of great setting, like the Presidents’ places or CTU itself without the artists behind them?

Thanks to each one of you for your collaboration, because all of you united and working beside the other, you were able to create this wonderful show that was ‘24’, that saw your labor rewarded when receiving the Emmy award for best Drama Series, distinction that it’s not all because of the work of producers, actors, directors and scriptwriters, but also from those who are a part of all the different departments that allowed that the show was on the air all these seasons.

Thank you, thanks so much.

FOX network, thank you for daring with a project like this one that was risky in the beginning, but that shortly after showed results, giving origin to a worldwide phenomenon like few times seen on television.

Thank you for giving ‘24’ the chance of existing, and regardless of the postures and opinions of each one when faced with the series’ cancelation, you were the responsible ones for making this, the first decade of the millennium, the decade of ‘24’.

Thank you, thank you so much.

And last but not least, thank you life for allowing me to match with something so big called ‘24’, that, more than a TV series was, is, and will be a passion and a lifestyle.


Team 24 - Club de Fans de 24 - Grupo Yahoo 24 Fox Latino - CTU Taringa

* Gracias Dante por tu extraordinario aporte a esta entrada y a Nicole por la Traducción

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